Friday, 27 June 2008

New Mizra style jeans @ GearShift!

Hey guys. Im sorry its been kind of quiet on the GearShift front. Ive been really busy working on this huge monstrous project that I'll hopefully get to have out fairly soon.

So yay, Ive been soooo happy we finally made it on to the feed. I made a great go of showing my love by waiting what, a couple of weeks for my first post?

Anyway, I have some new jeans out at my store at the block. They come in a darker shade of blue with the knees washed out. The kanji reads as love and the jeans have lovely floral detailing on the left leg, pockets and back. These jeans were inspired by a japanese designer creating wonderful fashion in real life. I loved his style and tried to emulate it but with a sort of GearShift sensibility.

Also at the store you will find hair by Aemilia Case. Alot of you were asking about a full style of the hood hair. Well she finished it (a while back mind you) and its available at the store in various colours, each colour comes with black and white tipped versions. For more colours be sure to check out the Philotic Energy main store in Imogen.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Well thats it for now boys and girls! See you in class soon.


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