Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Tracksuits @ GearShift!

Hey guys!
Ive been meaning to jump on here and promote my new gear. Better late then never eh? Well heres the scoop on whats new at GS. Ive put out a tasty set of tracksuits which are available as a full outfit, or if you prefer you can also just buy the jacket or the pants. As of now there are two styles available, but expect more to be showing up at GearShift stores soon.

Also available are two new closed hoodies. Akatsuki which yes, is based on Naruto. Narutards go nuts! And Cool Britannia, the union jack...in pink and black.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Peace out cool cats!


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Coat-Hoodie Combos @ [CIVVIES]!

Yep, the dressiness of a blazer with the casualness of a hoodie...somehow it works! Let's see, you'll get a jacket with sculptie collar/hoodie with flexi hoodie ties and sculptie sleeve attachments (2 sizes included). Get yours at [CIVVIES] at The Block or at my main store at {Plunder}!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

X-Rated Tees @ Miau Haus! O.o

Meeeeow!!! Yep, Posy's mind has been in the gutter. I made some tees that are really naughty... well maybe only a little naughty ^^ You can find them at Miau Haus at The Block or at my main Miau Haus store. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Babies at the Block!

Hi everyone!

Yup...that's right...Posy's been makin' babies! o.O Anyhow... I opened an adoption agency named "Love Child Adoptions" where you'll find an assortment of cute and quirky babies to take home and shower with pixel love. I put my adorable, but moody little Emo Baby at The Block in my [CIVVIES] store where he'll be up for adoption for the next month. I'll rotate in other babies each month so y'all can check 'em out... or just go directly to "Love Child Adoptions" to see the entire brood! (Check my profile for a LM.) Ok... now I have a BUNCH of diapers to change!!!

Yikes! I forgot to mention that the eyes blink and the body is animated!

Also, I'd like to thank some awesome guys for their help with my baby project... Donovan, Dis, Zab and Menno... Thanks guys!!!

<3 Posy

Sunday, 14 September 2008

"Hellbound" & "Deathwish" Baggy Jeans!

I just put these out...hope you like 'em!