Monday, 29 December 2008

Jumpsuit Coveralls at [CIVVIES]!

Hey gang!

I just put out some jumpsuit coveralls at [CIVVIES]!  Think badass prison inmate... fighter pilot... blue-collar mechanic...  sexy!  (Or... something comfy to kick around in.)

Available in gray, white, orange and olive.

Get yours at [CIVVIES] at {Plunder} or at my location at The Block. 

Posy Trudeau

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

FREE Holiday Hoodie @ Miau Haus!

Hi Gang!

I just put out a FREE holiday hoodie at my main store at {Plunder} and at my location at The Block. It's festive, cute and colorful!  It's for group members only, so join the Miau Haus group and get your free hoodie!

Posy Trudeau =^.^=

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Slacker Hoodies @ Miau Haus!

Hi Gang!

I just put out some fun casual hoodies to keep you all warm this winter!  Each hoodie comes with large and small hood and scrunchy sleeve attachements (they're mod and copy also, so you can customize to fit your avie). There are 8 designs to choose from!

You'll find them at my main store at {Plunder} or at my location at The Block. 

:D Posy Trudeau

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

"Debaucher" Coat at [CIVVIES]!

Hi gang!

I just put out a new long sexy coat at [CIVVIES] with a plunging collar that is lined with plush fur (and fur on the cuffs as well)... perfect for those chilly winter evenings.  It includes both male and female versions and comes in white and black with sculptie collar, cuffs and flexi coat bottom. Come by and check 'em out. You'll find them at [CIVVIES] at The Block or my main store at Scout. 


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

"Miau Mix" Separates at Miau Haus!

I just put out some fun, sporty, colorful, reasonably-priced separates at my main Miau Haus store at Scout.  They're perfect for mixing and matching or pairing up with stuff you already have. Four fun pieces in 11 colors!

• Cropped hoodie that includes hoodie up and down versions
• Cropped shortsleeve tee
• Cute flirty little skirt
• Thigh-high socks

You'll also find some great hair made by Aemilia Case of Philotic Energy, tailored especially for the hoodie-up version of the cropped hoodie.  

Come by and check 'em out!

Luv, Posy

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Dead Sexy shirts and New Hoodies @ GearShift!

Hey guys!

Ive released some new clothing this weekend. Some Halloween inspired shirts which I put out for sale on Friday. These shirts come in black, white and red and all have a darker feel then what some of you may be used to from GearShift. Im really fond of these designs. :D

Ive also released two new hoodies. GearShift and hoodies, its almost all I seem to do. *laugh* Well, heres two more for you to throw on during these winter months.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Peace out cool cats!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

NEW Miau Haus Sneaks!

They're super cute and very comfy!  Each pair comes in 2 sizes and has a resizing script, so come and check 'em out!  You'll find them at Miau Haus at The Block or at my main Miau Haus store on Scout. 

Halloween Babies!

Hi Gang!

I made babies just for the Halloween season!  There's Skelly, Vampire and Zombie Baby... they're the cuuutest... but be careful... they bite! You'll find Skelly Baby at [CIVVIES] at The Block or at my main Love Child Adoption Agency on Scout (where you'll also find Vampire and Zombie Babies). Come by and check 'em out!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Tracksuits @ GearShift!

Hey guys!
Ive been meaning to jump on here and promote my new gear. Better late then never eh? Well heres the scoop on whats new at GS. Ive put out a tasty set of tracksuits which are available as a full outfit, or if you prefer you can also just buy the jacket or the pants. As of now there are two styles available, but expect more to be showing up at GearShift stores soon.

Also available are two new closed hoodies. Akatsuki which yes, is based on Naruto. Narutards go nuts! And Cool Britannia, the union pink and black.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Peace out cool cats!


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Coat-Hoodie Combos @ [CIVVIES]!

Yep, the dressiness of a blazer with the casualness of a hoodie...somehow it works! Let's see, you'll get a jacket with sculptie collar/hoodie with flexi hoodie ties and sculptie sleeve attachments (2 sizes included). Get yours at [CIVVIES] at The Block or at my main store at {Plunder}!

Sunday, 21 September 2008

X-Rated Tees @ Miau Haus! O.o

Meeeeow!!! Yep, Posy's mind has been in the gutter. I made some tees that are really naughty... well maybe only a little naughty ^^ You can find them at Miau Haus at The Block or at my main Miau Haus store. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Babies at the Block!

Hi everyone!

Yup...that's right...Posy's been makin' babies! o.O Anyhow... I opened an adoption agency named "Love Child Adoptions" where you'll find an assortment of cute and quirky babies to take home and shower with pixel love. I put my adorable, but moody little Emo Baby at The Block in my [CIVVIES] store where he'll be up for adoption for the next month. I'll rotate in other babies each month so y'all can check 'em out... or just go directly to "Love Child Adoptions" to see the entire brood! (Check my profile for a LM.) Ok... now I have a BUNCH of diapers to change!!!

Yikes! I forgot to mention that the eyes blink and the body is animated!

Also, I'd like to thank some awesome guys for their help with my baby project... Donovan, Dis, Zab and Menno... Thanks guys!!!

<3 Posy

Sunday, 14 September 2008

"Hellbound" & "Deathwish" Baggy Jeans!

I just put these out...hope you like 'em!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

NEW! Baggy Jeans @ [CIVVIES]!!!

Hey gang!

I just put out some cool-lookin' baggy jeans... perfect for kickin' it with your crew!  They come with a prim jeans top attachment that includes a belt, and realistic sculptie scrunchy bottoms that fit nicely over your kicks.  There are 2 versions: Baggy and Shabby Baggy (Shabby Baggy has lots of rips and worn spots and shredded stringy flexi bits that come off the back heels of the pants cuz your pants are too damn long and you keep walking on the backs!)

Both jeans come with a gray belt/top attachment.  Additional top attachments with different colored belts can be purchased separately.  A belt attachment FATPACK is available too. 

Come check 'em out!  You'll find 'em at my main store at {PLUNDER} or at The Block.

Posy :D

Saturday, 2 August 2008

ElecTRo Kitty - [NEW] NINJA BELT

Hi Blockers!!!
You know NINJA?

I made this to match NINJA SET of CSR ;)

About CSR
more info
ElecTRo Kitty Blog

sale at Main store and The Block and some spot.... :D



Tuesday, 8 July 2008

NEW! Tokyo Streetwear-Inspired Gear at Miau Haus!

Hi gang!

I just released some fun gear for girls AND guys!  I made some simple buttondown shirts for the guys that come in black and white and are available with 5 different colored ties with fun graphics. They are constructed with sculptie collars and scrunchy sleeves... plus, I left the bottom unbuttoned so we get a peek at your sexy sixpack!  I also did some dark corduroy pants with sculptie flare bottoms that are available in 6 different colors and pair up nicely with the shirts.

There are also 2 complete outfits for the girls with lots of options and attachments. Each outfit is available in 3 color schemes.

Swing by Miau Haus at The Block or check out my new main store!!! 

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Get [CIVVIES] Updates in the {PLUNDER} Dispatch Group AND get a free jacket!

Wow! That headline was a mouthful!!! Anyhow, I finally created an update group for [CIVVIES] which is also my {PLUNDER} update group. If you join the group, you can get a FREE leather jacket with a scary skull on the back oooOOOOooo! Just join the {PLUNDER} Dispatch Group, then go to [CIVVIES] at The Block or at {PLUNDER} where you'll find a vendor that will give you your free jacket.  Yay for FREE stuff!

Also, FYI.. we're having a Pirate Costume Party at {PLUNDER} today, Saturday, July 5th from 12 noon - 2 with live DJ BooBoo Streeter! $1000L prize for best costume! Come by for some pirate fun!!!

Monday, 30 June 2008

ElecTRo Kitty - [NEW] Hair-AGEHA

Hi!! ^_____^ Konnichiwa!
I made hair of boy who resembled miyavi called AGEHA.
I forgot this hair which I made in
I made poster today. and sale this!

Please try to DEMO. I think this hair form to wear it may be difficult

Elec Hair -AGEHA-
mod/copy/no trans

sale at Main store and The Block and some spot.... :D



Friday, 27 June 2008

New Mizra style jeans @ GearShift!

Hey guys. Im sorry its been kind of quiet on the GearShift front. Ive been really busy working on this huge monstrous project that I'll hopefully get to have out fairly soon.

So yay, Ive been soooo happy we finally made it on to the feed. I made a great go of showing my love by waiting what, a couple of weeks for my first post?

Anyway, I have some new jeans out at my store at the block. They come in a darker shade of blue with the knees washed out. The kanji reads as love and the jeans have lovely floral detailing on the left leg, pockets and back. These jeans were inspired by a japanese designer creating wonderful fashion in real life. I loved his style and tried to emulate it but with a sort of GearShift sensibility.

Also at the store you will find hair by Aemilia Case. Alot of you were asking about a full style of the hood hair. Well she finished it (a while back mind you) and its available at the store in various colours, each colour comes with black and white tipped versions. For more colours be sure to check out the Philotic Energy main store in Imogen.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Well thats it for now boys and girls! See you in class soon.


Saturday, 21 June 2008

[Renegade] Generation GX Male Skins

Hi, yeah....does anyone else work here?

Get slackin at the block!

KO [Renegade]

Monday, 16 June 2008

[Renegade] Motivation Female Skins

Told ya girls I wouldn't forget ya, the new sexy is upstairs in my shop now.

Don't be stuck up! XD

KO [Renegade]

Thursday, 5 June 2008

[Renegade] Generation Male Skins

Got my new skins out at my shop... past the clutter, up the elevator, look to your right.

Come see em and let me know what ya think, I always appreciate good feedback.

KO [Renegade]