Saturday, 5 July 2008

Get [CIVVIES] Updates in the {PLUNDER} Dispatch Group AND get a free jacket!

Wow! That headline was a mouthful!!! Anyhow, I finally created an update group for [CIVVIES] which is also my {PLUNDER} update group. If you join the group, you can get a FREE leather jacket with a scary skull on the back oooOOOOooo! Just join the {PLUNDER} Dispatch Group, then go to [CIVVIES] at The Block or at {PLUNDER} where you'll find a vendor that will give you your free jacket.  Yay for FREE stuff!

Also, FYI.. we're having a Pirate Costume Party at {PLUNDER} today, Saturday, July 5th from 12 noon - 2 with live DJ BooBoo Streeter! $1000L prize for best costume! Come by for some pirate fun!!!

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