Saturday, 31 May 2008

:Defectiva: Moves in!

:Defectiva: has officially moved into the Block.
The Designer that brought you "The Foot inc." and "Steam-Powered Industries" now reverts back to his roots of nerd-core clothing with an urban feel. Representing all things hip-hop with a chromed out keyboard.

Represent who you are. Defect from the norm.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

New Trash @ [Renegade]

Hey if you guys are interested I threw some junk out at my store, get it if you want. If not that's cool I got razor blades. LOVE ME DAMNIT!

That one's my fav but the others only suck a little less.

Oh yeah and remember to keep checkin out the Loot shop for free stuff from designers way far better than me

Saturday, 24 May 2008

New Jeans and Shorts @ GearShift!

Hey Guys!

I have some new cargo shorts and jeans available at my store. The jeans have retro Kamen Rider prints faded into the fabric. They sport some vibrant colours and will surely have you stand out!

The cargo shorts come in a brown with a camo pattern on it. The shorts are also accented with some green paint. Military issue but with a punky edge.

Also at my stores you will find updated hair wearable with my hoodies. The hair comes in new textures and a wider variety of colours. Each hair colour pack comes with white and black tinted tips. To allow you to mix up your style. They are available for just 99L.

Hope you guys dig um!

Peace out cool cats!


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

ElecTRo Kitty - [NEW] mental room collar

Hi :D Blocker and Nekos.
I made...tiny tiny tiny room.
This is your mental room.
only you can open the door.

sale at Main store and The Block.



Saturday, 17 May 2008

New subZERO cargo shorts @ GearShift!

Hey guys!
Ive gotten out some new cargo shorts. They come in a faded black with sculpted bottoms and flexi draw chords. They are scripted to resize to your avatar.
Like my jeans these also come free with black and white boxer briefs.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Peace out cool cats!


Friday, 16 May 2008

New Maverick Jeans @ GearShift!

Hey guys!
Ive just put out a set of jeans at GearShift. Currently available in faded blue and black washes and ripped and new conditions. The jeans come with 2 free boxer briefs in black and white which you can wear at your leisure with the jeans. The jeans also come with sculpted bottoms that are scripted to resize.

Also just out is a new hoodie design called Los Muertos which you can grab at my stores. Comes with a skull pattern and a muted blue tone. Come check them out!

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Peace out cool cats!


Monday, 12 May 2008

ETRK [NEW] Free Boots @ LOOT

Hi Blockers :3 You checked LOOT?
It's new freebie area at The Block.
Donovan wrote about it first time.

Some Block designers begin to put Stuff there.
I think...They will increase from now on :D yay!

I put Free Boots in LOOT today.
This is like a Engineer boots. But so easy.
This is only at The Block. Take care~ ;D

btw, my time of the playful Japanese lecture!!
"The meaning named NAGABUTU?"
hmm....ok...I teach you :D
Rain shoes means NAGAGUTSU or AMAGUTSU in japanese.
Boots such as rain shoes...or Rain shoes such as boots.
..ok.... I know....
guys will understand nobody....I'm ok... np ...

HAHA XD enjoy at The Block!!


Sunday, 11 May 2008

New T-Shirts @ DMC!

New t-shirts are availabe at Desert Moon Clothiers at the Block for both men and women.

Vasean is sporting the DMC Suspect T-Shirt and I'm wearing the DMC Rock Star T-shirt from the men's side.

Here's the women's version of the DMC Rock Star T-Shirt.

More stuff coming soon!

- DT

Saturday, 10 May 2008

ElecTRo Kitty - [NEW] North Jungle Knight

I made Neko Boots and Neko Glove.
This is the new version for Jungle Line. design which is simpler than jungle King :3

I bought Glow tair and ear the other day.
Because I bought a new machine, I'm crazy about Glow
so ...I used Glow and moving Glow anime a lot of point ^__^ Do you like Glow?

!! me =^_______________________________________^= ow !!

North Jungle Knight-Neko Boots L$200
North Jungle Knight-Neko Glove L$150

I put DEMO. But This is MOD OK.
sale at Main store and The Block.

btw, I will make freebie for The Block ;3
...Have a good week!!



Friday, 9 May 2008

Free Reverb Jacket @ LOOT

Hey guys!

DT and Zab have set up a new freebie area at The Block. Theres a few freebies already available by various designers but Im sure it will expand in the future. You can find the LOOT store next to Caffine, the coffee shop at The Block.

Ive just put out a free jacket which is now available to grab ONLY at The Block.

Hope you guys like it.
Grab it now!

Peace out cool cats!


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

New Female Skin at :Defectiva:

Go get your demo today :D

New Ronin hoodie @ GearShift!

Hey guys!

Just put out another hoodie design called Ronin. Has a kanji script covering the material. Comes in a greyish colour with black fluffy trim. Available for both guys and gals.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Peace out cool cats!


Desert Moon Clothiers Gets a Re-Design!

Desert Moon Clothiers has a new look! Check out the updated merchandising scheme at the Block and some new products in-store.
Men's DMC Rugbys
Women's DMC Liberty Jean X

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

"Scavenger" Coat @ [CIVVIES]!

Hi Gang!

I just released a new coat... the "Scavenger." The coat is sleeveless (to show off the badass tattoos on yer "guns") and made of worn brown leather. There's a protective neck wrap/scarf, gloves with prim arm wraps, and matching leather pants... perfect for your scavenging raids in SL!

You'll get a neck wrap and coat bottom with several prim "scavenged" items... war medals, a compass, rope, flask, map, journal, letters, etc. You'll also get plain versions of the neck wrap and coat bottom without the scavenged attachments. There will also be a small and large version of each prim attachment. Whew! That's lots of stuff!

You'll find the new coat at [CIVVIES] at The Block and at {Plunder}!

ElecTRo Kitty - Timely news

Hi =^_^= I'm Elec by ElecTRo kitty.
I have a little news.
I distributed a group gift the other day. It's next...

I'm crazy about making a small world sometimes...
It will be because my character is dark...hehehe.... ;___;

my group name is "ElecTRo Kitty" if you don't know it, plz sarch ^_^
I think...Always thank you.

Today's wear---
Green Hair - Needles(mint) Gritty Kitty
Tank top -Bishamonten Beater FORM
Hoodie - Guile GearShift
Jeans - tattoo jeans KANA-NA
Bronze statue of the cat - Illusions

Donovan...Thank you for making Block Blog :)
出なかった人はGroup Infoからチェックして下さい.



The Block Buzz

Hey guys!
So I thought it would be cool for 'The Block' to have a place where it can put out its announcements for events. And allow the designers to update the shoppers with whats new at their store. Its been quiet at The Block... but we are going to change that.

Peace out cool cats!