Tuesday, 6 May 2008

ElecTRo Kitty - Timely news

Hi =^_^= I'm Elec by ElecTRo kitty.
I have a little news.
I distributed a group gift the other day. It's next...

I'm crazy about making a small world sometimes...
It will be because my character is dark...hehehe.... ;___;

my group name is "ElecTRo Kitty" if you don't know it, plz sarch ^_^
I think...Always thank you.

Today's wear---
Green Hair - Needles(mint) Gritty Kitty
Tank top -Bishamonten Beater FORM
Hoodie - Guile GearShift
Jeans - tattoo jeans KANA-NA
Bronze statue of the cat - Illusions

Donovan...Thank you for making Block Blog :)
出なかった人はGroup Infoからチェックして下さい.



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