Monday, 12 May 2008

ETRK [NEW] Free Boots @ LOOT

Hi Blockers :3 You checked LOOT?
It's new freebie area at The Block.
Donovan wrote about it first time.

Some Block designers begin to put Stuff there.
I think...They will increase from now on :D yay!

I put Free Boots in LOOT today.
This is like a Engineer boots. But so easy.
This is only at The Block. Take care~ ;D

btw, my time of the playful Japanese lecture!!
"The meaning named NAGABUTU?"
hmm....ok...I teach you :D
Rain shoes means NAGAGUTSU or AMAGUTSU in japanese.
Boots such as rain shoes...or Rain shoes such as boots.
..ok.... I know....
guys will understand nobody....I'm ok... np ...

HAHA XD enjoy at The Block!!


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