Tuesday, 6 May 2008

"Scavenger" Coat @ [CIVVIES]!

Hi Gang!

I just released a new coat... the "Scavenger." The coat is sleeveless (to show off the badass tattoos on yer "guns") and made of worn brown leather. There's a protective neck wrap/scarf, gloves with prim arm wraps, and matching leather pants... perfect for your scavenging raids in SL!

You'll get a neck wrap and coat bottom with several prim "scavenged" items... war medals, a compass, rope, flask, map, journal, letters, etc. You'll also get plain versions of the neck wrap and coat bottom without the scavenged attachments. There will also be a small and large version of each prim attachment. Whew! That's lots of stuff!

You'll find the new coat at [CIVVIES] at The Block and at {Plunder}!

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