Sunday, 3 August 2008

NEW! Baggy Jeans @ [CIVVIES]!!!

Hey gang!

I just put out some cool-lookin' baggy jeans... perfect for kickin' it with your crew!  They come with a prim jeans top attachment that includes a belt, and realistic sculptie scrunchy bottoms that fit nicely over your kicks.  There are 2 versions: Baggy and Shabby Baggy (Shabby Baggy has lots of rips and worn spots and shredded stringy flexi bits that come off the back heels of the pants cuz your pants are too damn long and you keep walking on the backs!)

Both jeans come with a gray belt/top attachment.  Additional top attachments with different colored belts can be purchased separately.  A belt attachment FATPACK is available too. 

Come check 'em out!  You'll find 'em at my main store at {PLUNDER} or at The Block.

Posy :D

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