Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Tracksuits @ GearShift!

Hey guys!
Ive been meaning to jump on here and promote my new gear. Better late then never eh? Well heres the scoop on whats new at GS. Ive put out a tasty set of tracksuits which are available as a full outfit, or if you prefer you can also just buy the jacket or the pants. As of now there are two styles available, but expect more to be showing up at GearShift stores soon.

Also available are two new closed hoodies. Akatsuki which yes, is based on Naruto. Narutards go nuts! And Cool Britannia, the union jack...in pink and black.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

Peace out cool cats!


1 comment:

Posy said...

Those look sweet Donovan! <3