Thursday, 25 June 2009

Skybox for Designers @ Miau Haus!!

Hi Gang!

I just put out a skybox that I made especially for designers. There's a furnished and unfurnished version...and you can purchase the furniture and accesories separately. The skybox model you can view in person is at {PLUNDER} to the left of [CIVVIES]. You can purchase the skybox in this location or at my main store at {PLUNDER} or at my location at the Block.

Here are some details:
1) furnished: 310 prims, unfurnished 63 prims
2) approx. 10 m x 30 m
3) one wall swings down to create an outdoor patio
4) Inspiration wall art and the artwork and labels on the furniture pieces are prims so you can change the textures to your own!
5) The furniture has lots of fun poses!

It's very cozy and hopefully a great place for you to hang out with friends and make your inspired creations!

-Posy Trudeau


Ana Lutetia said...

This looks great!

Posy said...

thanks Ana :-)