Monday, 22 February 2010

New Tshirts @ GearShift.

Hey gang.

Its been a little while since the last real GearShift release. But Im happy to announce that there is finally some nice new urban apparel to adorn the streetwise avies of SL. Its been a little over a year believe it or not...but Im back and enjoying the highs of designing again. This new release sees the inclusion of Snippy Yifu to the GearShift brand, prim/sculpty maker extraordinaire.

We have some new Tshirts for sale at GearShift. An item of clothing that dosent really set the SL world of fashion alight. But, with this offering Id like to think it ups the realism factor a tad. No longer are they completely skin hugging, breaking up the sillouette with the inclusion of a sculpty bottom and sleeves. Each shirt coming with a belt buckle.

Along with the shirts we also have sets of belt buckles that can be mixed and matched with these shirts to complete a look. Take a gander at some of the shots below.

If thats wetted your fancy then come check out the fresh new gear at GearShift. You can grab these sweet little morsels at The block and Hbox.

You can pick them up NOW at the block!

GearShift @ Hbox

Peace out cool cats!


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